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Our most natural looking artificial grass yet!

Combining three shades of summer greens, with a mixture of straw-coloured thatch and deep green threads woven through the base, this artificial grass gives the impression of a real, living lawn.
Our artificial grass is the ideal solution for a maintenance-free lawn, saving you money and giving you more time to enjoy your garden.

Sample (approx. 300mm x 200mm):

To order your grass, select the size you need from the drop-down boxes above, adjust the quantity if needed and click 'Add to Cart'.

Please note that grass will be cut to the size specified; joining tape and weed barrier will be supplied as a single piece whenever possible.

You can find more information about the grass by clicking on the tabs above.


NEW! Click on the calculator (or the tab above) to use our helpful and unique Area Calculator tool!

Just enter the total area you want to cover, and it will automatically calculate how much grass, weed control fabric and joining tape you need.

Jointing Tape (per linear metre):
Glue Gun:

Jointing Glue (per tube):
Glue Spreader:

  • 20mm deep pile
  • Hard wearing synthetic grass surface
  • High quality latex backing provides a solid foundation as well as a built-in weed barrier
  • Will stay flat under its own weight, removing the need for sand in-fill/dressing
  • Pre-punched for drainage
  • Soft underfoot
  • Available in widths of 2m or 4m
  • Available in lengths from 1m up to 25m (in half-metre increments)
  • Easily cleaned; can be hosed down, brushed or even hoovered!
  • High UV resistance with a 7 year manufacturers guarantee
  • Child and pet friendly
  • A life expectancy of around 20 years under normal domestic conditions
  • Can be easily trimmed with a StanleyTM knife or heavy duty scissors
  • Wider or irregularly-shaped plots can be covered by multiple strips joined with specialist joining tape & adhesive.
  • Weight: 2.3kg per sq.m

  • Have the look and feel of the real thing, but without the ongoing time, effort and expenditure:
    • No mowing
    • No watering
    • No weeding
    • No feeding
    • No chemicals
    • No repairing bald patches
  • Maintain a show garden quality lawn all year round, whatever the weather
  • More than just a solution for maintenance free lawns, our artificial grass is suitable for children's play areas, balconies, roof terraces, covering tired-looking decking, and around swimming pools or hot tubs
  • Reduce muddy foot & paw prints in the house
  • Can help alleviate outdoor allergies such as hay fever

Select units:

Enter total width & length:


Enter total width & length:


Select your preferred measurement units, enter the maximum dimensions of the area to be covered and click the 'Calculate' button.

There was an error with the width provided - it must be a number greater than zero. Please correct and try again.

There was an error with the length provided - it must be a number greater than zero. Please correct and try again.

View results:

Results Explained:

Our artificial grass is available in 2m and 4m wide sections, and up to 25m in length, cut to the next half metre (or full metre in the case of Play Life). Because everyone's garden is different, theres a good chance your garden area won't be exactly these dimensions. This calculator helps you to find the optimal amount of grass to totally cover the area you need.

After entering your dimensions and clicking 'Calculate', you'll see two options:

Least Excess: This will be the amount of grass you'd need to order to cover the whole area, with the least amount left over. More often than not, this will be the cheapest option.

Fewest Joins: When covering an area which cant be covered by a single section of artificial grass, you'll need to join together 2 or more sections for full coverage; this requires joining tape, glue and time. Selecting this option shows what you need to cover your area but keeping the number of joins to a minimum

Quite often, it is normal for both the options to produce the same result, particularly if there are no joins to be made.

Least Excess:

Fewest Joins:

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