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For all artificial grass laying projects great or small, we've got the accessories you need to help get the job done

Jointing Tape (per linear metre):
Glue Gun:

Jointing Glue (per tube):
Glue Spreader:

All about Weed Control accessories

All our weed control accessories are supplied by Growtivation, a well established, specialist provider of high quality ground cover materials across the all construction and gardening sectors. The Feltex weed barrier is a black spun bonded fabric giving very effective weed suppression; it is easy to cut with a knife or scissors and will not fray. For ease of installation, we also have pegs available - due to their size and nature, these pegs are not suitable for holding down artificial grass.

How much weed barrier do I need?

For each 2m wide section of artificial grass that you order, allow twice as much (in length) of weed barrier; for each 4m wide section of grass, allow three times the length in weed barrier. This will provide full coverage with a good amount of overlap.

How many pegs do I need?

Pegs are used to hold the weed barrier down during installation - as it is very lightweight, it can be blown out of place very easily. You should place 1 peg every metre or so around the edge, and along each overlapping seam. In practical terms, allow 1.5 pegs per linear metre of weed barrier.

All about Jointing Tape & Glue

Joining tape and glue is used primarily to fix together two sections of artificial grass for a near-seamless finish - this makes it possible to cover areas too large for a single section to cover, or for awkward and unusual shapes. It can also be used to fix together any cuts made in the artificial grass - for example, if you are cutting out an area to fit around a tree.

If you are not fitting more than one section then it is unlikely you will need tape at all. The glue we provide is also suitable for fixing our artificial grass to hard surfaces such as concrete.

How much tape do I need?

Plan out how you need to lay and cut the individual sections of grass, remembering that the pile of the grass has a direction to it an adjoining sections need to have the pile running in the same direction. Then work out the length of each line where two sections of grass touch, combine the lengths into a total and order the total amount (rounded up to the nearest whole metre).

How much glue do I need

For use with joining tape, allow 1 tube of adhesive per 4 linear metres of joining tape.

If using to fix the grass down to a hard surface, coverage will depend on whether you are simply spotting the glue, covering the edges, etc.

The glue as provided requires a mastic/caulking gun to use.

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