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Installation Guide

There are no warranties regarding this installation information nor any results guaranteed by using the installation information.

Materials/tools required :

  • spade
  • hand roller or vibrating plate
  • a sharp Stanley knife
  • large pair of sharp scissors
  • stiff brush
  • hammer
  • stainless pegs
  • geo-textile
  • spatula
  • rake

Before Starting

Work out the lengths and widths you require. Lay out the area where to install the artificial grass.

Ground Preparation for gardens

  • Remove all vegetation and rocks, down to the bare earth (pic.1) (pic.2)
  • A sub base of sand is installed. This base should be porous.
  • Spread, level and compact the sub base with a hand roller or vibrating plate (pic.3).
  • During dry conditions wet the sub base a day before the installation ( pic.4).
  • Peg a geo-textile weed barrier to the base (pic.5)

Ground Preparation on existing hard surfaces

  • Remove surface imperfections
  • Thoroughly clean to remove all dirt, paint, grease that will prevent good adhesion

Installation on Gardens


  • The rolls are laid out. As all rolls have a directional pile, ensure that all rolls are laid out in the same direction*
  • Cut carefully in the backing of the artificial grass and trim (pic.6).
  • Adjacent rolls should be laid together ensuring that straight cut edges can be butted close together. Butt both surfaces together, ensuring the pile is running in the same direction (pic.7).
  • The edges are then folded back (pic.8)*

Seaming tape

  • The seaming tape is used to put the rolls together. Unroll the seaming tape along the seam line, ensuring equal tape laid centrally along the seam (pic.9)*
  • Before applying the adhesive, fix the seaming tape to the sub base with stainless pegs.*


  • Apply the adhesive from the tube and spread with a spatula to the top surface of the seaming tape. (pic.10)
  • The edges of the artificial grass are now folded back and pressed down. Match the directional pile of the rolls. (pic.11)*


  • Fix with stainless pegs on wooden beams (treated to prevent moisture) or with stainless pegs in the sub base.


  • Brush the piles. (pic.12)

Installation on existing hard surfaces

  • Lay out the rolls
  • Rolls can be loose laid or fixed with a spots of outdoor adhesive or with double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Brush the piles.

* if joins have to be made




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